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 Clear Polyester

Why Clear Polyesters

Clear polyesters give any product a sharp look allowing only the graphics to show on the surface it is applied. Some features of Clear Polyesters are:
Excellent Durability.
Transparent, surface of application shows through.
Can be used inside or outside of glass.
Allows for the same or different graphics on each side.

Adcraft Clear Polyester Decals

Adcraft Clear polyesters Decals can have both a decorative use and a practical use for different applications.  Some of the applications our customers have used clear polyester decals are:
Car Windows Rite Aid Window Decals
Store Fronts
Coolers, refrigerators & appliances
Machine warning
Heating & Cooling
Two way window decals (with different or same graphics on each side)


Adcraft clear polyesters can be provided with permanent or removable adhesives. If applications are not standard, Adcraft can test to insure the best possible solution. Clear polyesters can also be provided without adhesive. 

Custom Made for your Application

Our clear polyester decals are custom made and quoted on an individual basis. Standard sizes can go as large as 36” x 50”.  The Clear Polyester can withstand temperature ranges from -50° to 250° Fahrenheit.  Custom and unique die shapes are available.  

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