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Static Cling Decals

Chances are, you played with static cling decals as a child. In decades past, there were some popular toys that involved the creative placement of small vinyl decals that stuck to surfaces without adhesive. College dorm windows are also popular spots for these sorts of decals, often displaying school colors or the emblems of rock bands. Static cling decals are not just for children, however. They have an important role in today's businesses.

Static cling decals have one particular advantage over traditional decals in that they are adhesive-free. This means that static cling decals can be moved from place to place as the need arises without damage to the decal or the surface on which it is placed. The decal sticks to glass, metal and even plastic through a simple static charge. This makes static cling decals ideal for things like parking permits, temporary displays and product labels.

Integrate Static Cling Decals Into Your Business

At Adcraft Decals, static cling decals are just one of the many types of decals and labels that we produce. With over four decades of decal manufacturing experience, Adcraft Decals is the source to turn to for your business decal needs. We are experts at what we do and our expertise shows in our finished products.

See for yourself the superior quality of custom-designed decals from Adcraft Decals. We know you will be pleased. At Adcraft Decals, we are fully committed to your complete satisfaction. We believe you deserve a first-rate product and we have made it our mission to see that you get it.

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