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 Metalized & White Polyester
Why White and Metalized Polyester Decals?

Polyesters offer a rich and vibrant look that easily enhances any product.  Some of the advantages of using polyesters are:
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Polyester Decals are flexible, but incredibly durable.Decals are impervious to moisture, oils and alkalines.
Weatherproof and dimensionally stable with high tensile strength.
Metalized Polyester Decals come in bright, matte, brush chrome or gold finishes.  They offer a “metal like” look that ranges from satin to polished.
White Polyesters give a rich, glossy pearlescent look.
Polyester Decals have a wide variety of adhesive choices.
Polyester Decals are used both indoors and outdoors and have a temperature range from -50°F to +250°F.
Available in thicknesses from .001” to .006”.

Adcraft Polyester Decals

Adcraft Metalized and White Polyester Decals are the perfect marriage of beauty and strength.  Some of the applications our customers use metalized and white polyester are:
Product Facings


Adcraft Polyester Decals come with a wide variety of adhesives that will meet the challenge of the most demanding job.  Using the combination of specialized adhesive families and thicknesses, polyester decals can adhere to virtually any surface.  As with all of our products, we will supply samples and offer testing.

Add-On Values

Adcraft Decals offer various upgrades to enhance your polyester project.
Embossing will make the graphics “jump out”.
Various laminates or doming can add ink protection and depth.
Premasking allows a temporary protection for a clean application or paint masking.

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