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 Prespaced Graphics & Lettering

Why Pre-Spaced Vinyl Decals

Vinyls are made to withstand punishment. Some reasons our customers use pre-spaced vinyl decals are:
Pre-spaced vinyl decals are impervious to moisture, oils, and alkalines.
Pre-spaced vinyl decals are flexible.
Pre-spaced vinyl decals adhere well to a variety of different surfaces and textures including concave and convex surfaces.
Pre-spaced vinyl decals can withstand temperature ranges from -50° to 150° Fahrenheit.
Pre-spaced vinyl decals have “free floating” look with no background. All waste is removed, leaving just the letters or images on the surface.

Goodyear, Mitsubishi, Honda & Towlift Decals
Adcraft Pre-Spaced Vinyl Decals

Designed for both functional and decorative purposes, Adcraft Pre-spaced vinyl decals can be used in a variety of applications including:
Company Logos
Company Name
Product Identification
Detailed Graphics
Window Decals

Pre-Spaced Vinyl Decal Adhesives

Pre-spaced vinyls can be made with both permanent and removable adhesive. 

Pre-Spaced Vinyl Decal Colors

Adcraft regularly stocks a variety of colors and can tint the vinyl for a custom color match. 

Custom Made for your Application

All Adcraft Decals are custom made. All quotes are done on an individual basis. Custom shapes are available.  


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Bay Diesel Decal

Core Cut Decal
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