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All of the following plastics are non-pressure sensitive.  Full or partial transfer adhesives can be applied to any plastic.  This allows for very specialized adhesives to be used for specific and demanding applications. 

Diversitech Decal
Calendered Vinyl
White, Clear, Opaque and Tinted Colors
Matte or Gloss Finish
Thickness Range: .007”-.030”
Primarily Indoor Applications
Temperature Range:  -4ºF to 152ºF

White, Clear and Opaque Colors
Matte and Patterned Finishes
Pliable and Soft 
Thickness Range: .023”-.055”
Indoor/Outdoor Applications
Temperature Range:  -78ºF to +122ºF

High Dimension and Chemical Stability
Extremely Durable
Clear and Matte Clear
Smooth and Textured Finishes
Hard Coating Available
Thickness Range: .005”-.010”
Indoor/Outdoor Applications
Temperature Range: -40ºF to +248ºF

White and Colors
Indoor Applications 
Thickness Range:  .010” to .020”
Temperature Range: -10ºF to 212ºF
Warning Decal

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Ohio State Decal

S Barro Decal

Savor the Season Decal

Adcraft Plastics can be used for:
Time Timer Decal
Control Panels 
Graphic Overlays
Shelf Markers
Tent Toppers
Safety Graphics
Hang Tags
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