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 Static Cling Vinyl Decals

Why Static Cling Vinyl Decals

Static cling vinyl decals have the same durability as vinyl decals without requiring adhesive.  Some advantages of using static cling vinyl:

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Static Cling Vinyl is Reusable.
No residue left behind when Static Cling Vinyl is removed.
No adhesive is necessary. 
Static Cling Vinyl can be used on a variety of objects.
Static Cling Vinyl is flexible for curved surfaces.
Static Cling Vinyl works well with Indoor or outdoor applications.


Adcraft Static Cling Vinyl Decals

Adcraft static cling decals can be used in a variety of different applications, including functional applications, identification, and decorative.  Some of the applications our customers use static cling decals are: 
Company Logos
Parking Permits
Window Decals
Two-Way Window Decals
Store Fronts
Store Hours
School Associations
Member Associations

Color & Size

We regularly stock white and clear static cling vinyl that can be tinted for your customized application.  Adcraft can make any size up to and including 36 “x 50”. 

Custom Made for your Application

All Adcraft static cling vinyl decals are custom quoted and produced. Custom die-cut shapes, including non-standard and unusual shapes, are available using steel rule dies and thermal dies. 

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